Stress management and relief using Acupressure and
Chair Massage at Your Desk in Your Workplaceyoung lady reducing stress with a seated chair massage and accupressure from her therapist - contact for more information  about our services in Edinburgh
In today's world of work employees are spending more time in repetitive static work at computers and their desks. Acupressure and chair massage therapy by on-site seated massage address the adoption of a poor body posture and the incorrect use of muscles which can lead to discomfort and stress potentially result in a drop off in performance and repetitive strain injury (RSI)

More companies today are using the massage chair as a tool to assist in meeting their obligations under the Health and Safety Regulations to their staff as well as promoting themselves, through wellness in the workplace and at special events. We also advise on ergonomics in the workplace. Relaxed people are happy and productive people. Whether they are your employees or your potential clients, it translates into better business for you.

On-site massage is a very popular mode of stress relief because it doesn't take a lot of time and is done while fully clothed at your-desk in the workplace. The seated massage increases circulation and stimulates the muscles, releasing tension in the back and relaxing the neck and shoulders. In a brisk, 15 - 20 minute seated chair massage we will revitalise the recipient and contribute to their overall well-being.

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